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Borne is loose!

The Ob’s secret project in Flint has been discovered: a 300-foot tall adamantine golem by the name of Borne. Fortunately, it is no longer under the Ob’s control. Unfortunately, it has the mind of a child, and the only thing keeping it from being set loose on the world is the reawakened titan, She Who Writhes.

For the first time since Kelland’s day, more than one titan is active in Risur. On top of that, it is unknown how long Borne will be kept at bay, or how the Unseen Court will react to these catastrophes. And while the Ob’s progress has obviously been stalled, they are far from dismantled – and their true purpose remains a mystery.

Now knighted by the king, and with the full support of their nation behind them, the constables’ efforts will take them far beyond their own borders in search of those who can help unmask the conspiracy once and for all!

Home Page

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