MAP Proposal

The compromise developed by Dame Constance Baden is now the Obscurati’s new course for the world. The plan calls for a novel combination of planes to cater to the ideals of Miller’s Pyre, Arboretum, and Panarchists (hence the name). No faction gets everything they want under this plan, but they got enough to win the majority vote… after Nicodemus violently culled the members of Colossus, anyway.

Proposed Planes and Traits
Fire – Cunning (Jiese; no change)
Air – Anything but Avilona
Life – Craft/Artifice, for Arboretum
Water – Healing, for Panarchists
Earth – Empowerment (travel), for Panarchists
Space – Empathy, for Miller’s Pyre
Time – Keep Reida, it’s too risky to discard it
Death – Anything but Nem, for Trekkers

This is only a rough draft; depending on what planes the Obscurati has discovered, the final nature of Constance’s vision may change.

As it stands, this configuration will create a world with the following traits and phenomena:

  • Steam power stays operational.
  • Flight magic becomes possible.
  • Nature follows logic and order, like a machine.
  • The Dreaming and the Bleak Gate become inaccessible… or possibly, destroyed.
  • Death by injury becomes much more difficult.
  • Secrets become harder to keep—especially mysterious structures hidden on islands.
  • People can teleport, even without magical ability.
  • Gold no longer blocks teleportation.
  • Arguments become more constructive, since people are more likely to see things from others’ points of view.
  • Travel beyond the local system of planes becomes possible, but outside entities can arrive in our worlds, as well.

MAP Proposal

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