Ashima-Shimtu: “The travelers need only step to the lip of this well, speak the name of where they would travel, and dive in. Ashima-Shimtu will see them safely there.”

Talon Silverhawk: “Whore Island!”

A certain friend of the gaming group lent his voice talents:

Frost Giant armor: ‘While not in use, the armor condenses into a 5-pound ball of ice which can never melt.’

Kida: “I vote we store it in a punch bowl at the RHC HQ break room instead of in the Quartermaster’s. Any objections?”

GM’s Note: I guess this one’s actually canon.

OOC conversation…

Kida’s player: Hey, if you guys aren’t using your minor actions in combat, I’ve got a great item for you.

All: (uninterested silence)

Kida’s player: It’s called a Wound Patch, and it gives you 5 extra HP on your next surge; you apply it as a minor action.

All: (various people chiming in as to why they wouldn’t spend gold on that)

Kida’s player: But it’s so cheap! Just 20 gp. Why wouldn’t you?

(The debate continues for a painful 10-20 minutes.)

Later, in game, as Kida is finishing her watch at night…

Mysterious Eladrin: I have bled in the forest, dark and quiet.

GM (ooc): She seems to be awaiting a response of some kind.

Talon’s Player (ooc, in a spooky voice): Wound Patches are only 20 gold pieces!

(during a heated OOC argument between Templeton and Kida on whether the use of the Wayfarer’s Lantern to block Ob scrying attempts should be a closely-guarded secret or not)

Talon: To be fair, I turn on the Lantern whenever I shower.

Kida: That’s alright. The Ob doesn’t assume that you shower, Talon.


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