Player Inventories

This space will be used to keep track of the party’s magic items for purposes of Prestige, as well as keeping a running total of gold allotted to the constables by their employers (minus any gold they’ve spent on rituals, consumables, or other services).

Update: due to the party’s importance in the eyes of their boss, there is no maximum “clearance” of items they can obtain. However, new items must still be requested and waited for, with a +2 favor rating reflecting the party’s already sizable inventory. This modifier is static, and will not further increase regardless of how many uncommon/rare items the constables own.

Party gold: 328,595 gp each. (latest paycheck: 80,000 at level 17, the end of Chapter 7)

Free Items

Favor Modifier for Item Requisition: +2

Player Inventories

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