The Clergy

Organized religion based in Crisillyir.

“Every mortal can empower himself, even reach godhood, if he confronts the challenges of the world. Beyond this world exist many planes, each a more perfect manifestation of some aspect of our reality, and they are presided over by powerful gods, angels, and spirits that can be entreated for power.”


Folk religion of Ber. (A syncretic combination of Clergy and Guerro is popular in Drakr.)

“Every tribe of Ber has its own gods, conquered from the tribes who were not strong enough to stand alone. As the tribes battle, so do our gods. For now, it seems, the gods are at peace, and so we make peace, but all good things die in battle.”

The Old Faith

Folk religion of Risur; its practitioners are called ‘primalists.’

“Honor the spirits of the land, and draw power from nature. The stars above trace patterns that predict events on our world, but the only other worlds are the ones we can visit: the Dreaming and the Bleak Gate.”


Folk religion of Elfaivar. Most interpretations today contain traces of Vekesh beliefs.

“Our actions are seeds, and will shape the face of the world, though it may take ages. Elves and eladrin have long memories. Before the rise of Man, the gods spoke to us, and we still remember their names and teachings. Srasama, the three-faced mother-warrior-queen, was slain by human treachery, but it is our duty to endure and outgrow this injury. The archfey of the Dreaming were once vassals of the gods, and so we revere and respect them.”


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