The Arboretum

Order nature so that it may be controlled like industry.
Represented by the ghost of Reed Macbannin, the goal of the Arboretum is to increase the bounty of nature, to reduce the impact of natural disasters, and to have them both be under the control of the Obscurati. Its members consider it to be poor design that weather and the earth are so unpredictable, and that horticulture progresses so slowly, generation by generation.

It proposes to replace the current planes of air, earth, water, and life with new ones. Key will be replacing the moon—the current plane of life, which has Dream and Mirror aspects—with one that has aspects of Craft and Artifice. The other elemental planes will have to include more orderly traits, which will make them more susceptible to magical control, as well as making it easier to predict them with divinations.

The new plane of Life will yield somewhat weaker harvests if nature is not tended, so areas lacking civilization will tend to become deserts. Likewise, storms will actually be more intense unless they are controlled, but distributing trained mages throughout the land would deter this.

The most significant change would be the severance of the Dreaming and the Bleak Gate—the replacement of Av would remove and possibly destroy these two realms. The Bleak Gate’s absence might make the souls of the recently departed linger in the living world more frequently.

When properly tended, nature in this paradigm would be significantly more bountiful, which would reduce the competition for resources that drives warfare. Compared to other faction proposals, the Arboretum is considered by the Obscurati in general to be the most modest and safest, though not everyone agrees its changes would be enough to steer the world onto a better path.

The Arboretum

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