The Planets

Below are listed the most prominent objects in the sky, along with the myths and theories associated with each. These myths aren’t necessarily consistent with each other, but they form the basis of the process by which Risur’s Skyseers predict the future.


(Planet sizes have been greatly exaggerated for ease of viewing.)

Vona. (not pictured above) The sun, source of pure arcane force and magical radiance, but too bright to observe the surface. It influences revelations and discoveries.

Jiese. The plane of fire, home to serpent men whose skin glow like coal. Ancient myths claimed this was a dragon, which chased Avilona. Influences war and strife, as well as notable births.

Av. This ancient name for the moon (the plane of life) comes from a legend about a sleeping queen of the fey, cursed to slumber after her soul was captured in her reflection on a bottomless pool. Influences nothing, but reflects subtle clues of people’s desires.

Avilona. The plane of air, where desolate islands of rock float amid the clouds, covered in long-abandoned ruins. Ancient myths claimed this world was a titanic eagle, constantly fleeing the ravenous Jiese. Influences weather, notable deaths, and animals.

Mavisha The plane of water, home to krakens lurking beneath the waters and leviathans swimming rippling liquid columns that writhe above the sea like the tentacles of a living world. Legend states that a drowned bride long ago cursed sailors to join her in the lightless depths of this endless ocean. Influences the seas, great movements of people, and conflicts within families.

Urim. The plane of earth, or rather a scattered, shattered belt of relatively tiny shards of metal, which sometimes fall from the sky bearing precious ores and accursed worms. Influences the earth, the rise and fall of fortunes, and random meetings of strangers.

Apet. The distant plane, said to be a permanent storm of sand and dust on a featureless plane, with the only point of reference being an arc of silver an unknowable distance above. Influences subtle nuances of distance and time, as well as the grand cycle of ages.

Reida. Thought by most to simply be part of Apet, the planet’s ring is known by some as the plane of time. Interestingly, it’s not a solid ring; about a 30-degree segment is empty. Scholars have theorized for centuries what this might indicate about the nature of past and future.

Nem. The plane of ruin, this planet is a myth among the skyseers, who say it sheds no light, and can only be seen as it glides silently through the heavens, devouring stars and leaving nothing but a hole in the night. Influences secrets and the dead.

Planetary Magic.

The planets (or planes, as they’re sometimes referred) surrounding Lanjyr are the source of various types of mana – for example, almost all fire spells call mana from Jiese to some extent. It is said that the greatest Skyseers of Risur’s past were able to channel the powers of these planets directly, but otherwise that sort of magic is hard to harness except in the most subtle of ways. Sometimes, though, breakthroughs are possible.

Gold of Urim – Skill Utility 2
You manipulate earth mana into something resembling gold.
At-will – Varies, Implement
Minor Action – Melee touch
Special: You must be trained in Arcana, Nature, or Religion to use this power. Your skill training determines whether you use this as a Arcane, Primal, or Divine power (respectively).
Target: One ritual focus that is not made of gold.
Effect: Golden energy encircles the target. It loses all viability as a focus for Travel rituals until the end of the encounter, and will not automatically reactivate after that time.
Special: You may instead use this power against a creature, but doing so is a standard action, and you may not use this power again until you take a short rest.
Attack: Highest ability score vs Will.
Hit: The target creature cannot teleport or move to other planes (save ends).

Winds of Avilona – Skill Utility 6
A gust of wind pushes you where you need to be.
Encounter – Varies
Free Action – Personal
Special: You must be trained in Arcana, Nature, or Religion to use this power. Your skill training determines whether you use this as a Arcane, Primal, or Divine power (respectively).
Effect You slide yourself up to 2 squares, or add up to two squares to a Jump check you just failed. This can only be used on your turn, unless you use it in response to forced movement.

The Planets

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