Kasvarina’s Truth

Now that the party knows the Obscurati’s plan, they must gather the necessary resources and support needed to stop them. Chief among these concerns is the fact that even at the Convocation on Mutravir Isle, no indication was given of the location or time of the ritual that will enact their Grand Design.

Having recruited a few lower-tier Ob assistants and two of the Colossus’ creators, the only remaining avenue for more information on the Ob’s plans would be an interview or interrogation with one of their most important officers. And luckily, one of them was ripe for defection: Kasvarina Varal, wife of Asrabey Varal, rescued from the Bleak Flint facility just before Borne’s escape. According to the conspiracy’s leader, she was currently suffering from amnesia.

No longer constables, the party has now traveled to Elfaivar as free agents, and have followed Borne’s footsteps to arrive at the secret eladrin enclave of Sentosa, where Kasvarina remains the ‘esteemed guest’ of an eladrin matriarch who won’t allow her to leave. Our heroes must find a way to earn her release, and enact a plan which the amnesiac co-founder of the Obscurati has concocted to restore her memories and lay bare the inner workings of Nicodemus’ organization and all its schemes!


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