Having witnessed Kasvarina’s Memories, our heroes came to an unsettling conclusion: to know Kasvarina’s life story is to know the true story of Lanjyr itself. She and Nicodemus have had a hand in almost every major world event over the past five centuries…

  • The Yerasol Wars were a result of manufactured friction between Risur and Danor, all to encourage Risur to invest in technology and steam power. Eventually they were able to turn Flint into an industrial powerhouse, building all the necessary infrastructure they’d need to construct Borne on Cauldron Hill, the one place where such interplanar construction wouldn’t be detected.
  • Aodhan Lesterman, once a talented mercenary, was set up for a stunning victory in which he captured a Danoran warship intact. This was another stepping stone to convert Risur toward steam power, but it also caused him to be chosen as the next monarch.
  • A failed attempt at adjusting the world’s connection to Avilona led to Skyfall, which directly caused the near-extinction of dragons in the following years, and the liberation of Ber.

But most important of all was the discovery that Nic and Kasvarina were locked in the Vault of Heresies after a failed attempt to peacefully negotiate the end of the second Holy War. There, they were given the Sacrament of Apotheosis.

They negotiated their release in exchange for the ritual’s details, planning on assassinating the avatar once the Clergy summoned forth Bane, their god of War. But the Hierarch at the time saw through their plans, and manifested Srasama instead, using Kasvarina’s youngest daughter as the host for her divine spirit. The Great Malice itself was caused at least in part by Nicodemus… and it seems he has learned no humility from his mistake. The mastermind continues to make progress toward his dream of remaking the world, and now with the colossus at his side, it seems like nothing can stop him—he can’t even be properly killed.

The party now finds itself trapped in the Dreaming, with Nicodemus free to pursue his Grand Design. Can they make it back before the ritual starts? Can they get a warning to King Aodhan that his life is perhaps the final obstacle remaining to the Obscurati? Or will the world be subsumed by the arrogant machinations of a long-dead philosopher?


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