The Bombing of Pardwight

Team 3 witnesses a national tragedy.

While Aodhan met with Team 1, Carlao Langford and his fellow Team 3 constables assembled at one of the docks at Bosom Strand to take on their latest duty, escorting the minotaur Brakken de Heffanita, who would be acting as a neutral mediator in the Risur-Danor peace talks in a few days’ time.

A minor incident involving the ambassador’s pet bear Feroz didn’t faze the courageous leader of the team, and Brakken commended Carlao for not overreacting. He agreed to have his companion stabled for the time being, to prevent frightening the people of Flint. Since the cage holding him during the sea voyage was wrecked, though, there was little else to do but have Brakken walk the animal personally all the way down to the Beran embassy in Stray River, with the constables accompanying him.

Along the way, Dima Kosygin noticed subtle changes in the minotaur’s demeanor. He looked troubled in Dawn Square, happy at the Royal Shipyards, and frowned before coming upon the rallied protestors around Hotel Aurum. Combined with a few other odd cues, the constables began to suspect he was an Urban Empath.

After dropping off Feroz, Brakken requested to be taken to Pardwight, where he had a lunch scheduled with Drakran representative Steffan Eberhardt. The old dwarf cleric seemed amused at the two countries’ attempts at reconciliation, saying that it would throw off all Drakran predictions about the world’s end.

In the middle of an amicable meal of fish, fruit, and fried plantains, an explosion rocked the campus, raining glass over the constables’ heads. One of the city’s new subrail trains was passing a nearby above-ground route, and there had been an explosion of some kind, derailing the cars and killing a dozen people, wounding about two dozen more.

Dima and Steffan immediately sought to help the wounded, while Serena Fynes identified a suspicious-looking character and gave chase. She tackled the man, a beardless white-haired dwarf with a blackened nose and fingertips. He struggled only for a moment, then bit down on something in his mouth – but a career of assassination skills allowed Serena to correctly realize he was trying to off himself with a suicide pill, and pulled it out of his mouth before he could die!

Snipers began to open fire on the scared crowds, turning shock into outright bedlam. Gaethan Kirkland and Kaea Amata (supported by Josiah Bernewell and Serena) moved on their positions, attempting to subdue them nonlethally, but each of the dwarven terrorists swallowed their pills rather than be taken alive, the alchemical poison transmuting their blood to ice.

Carlao went out the back door with Brakken, fearing that the minotaur would be specifically targeted in all this chaos. The two of them made it to safety, and the constables’ combined efforts also cleared the streets in time to avoid large numbers of casualties. They weren’t able to find the second bomb, however, which destroyed the offices of the city’s premier newspaper, the Flint Tribune.

Qiyet and Kida arrived on the scene minutes later, but even with all eight constables working in tandem, less than two dozen souls were pulled from the wreckage alive.

In all, the bombs took the lives of 73 civilians.



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