Adalward Von Gearkinson

Eccentric father of Hugo.


A wealthy metallurgist who’s come to own his own factories in Parity Lake, Adalward Von Gearkinson had his family’s estate built on the shores of the lake itself. Despite the smoggy air and the horrific view it affords, he seems to value keeping a view on his holdings – and the competition.

He’s proud of the work his son does (both his hobby of tinkering and his service to the crown), but remains blissfully ignorant of the daily dangers it involves, often carrying on conversations with his grown child as if Hugo were still in school and having trouble with bullies, rather than going on overseas missions and facing down monsters and assassins.

He’s married to a painter named Lydia, Hugo’s mother. She’s much more down-to-earth, and sees her son’s work in a more realistic light, though she prefers not to talk of it much.

Adalward Von Gearkinson

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