Athrylla Valanar

Eladrin matriarch of the Sentosa enclave.


Athrylla is one of the fabled eladrin matriarchs of the so-called “Triad of Endurance,” three survivors of the Malice who went on to lead eladrin enclaves and wield great power.

Today, she looks not a day older than she did five centuries ago, and continues to lead her people atop her throne in Sentosa. Kasvarina Varal has found safe haven from the Obscurati there, but it seems there is bad blood between the two matriarchs; Athrylla will not let her “honored guest” leave the demiplane in which Sentosa exists, apparently out of concern that Kasvarina will return to her old ways and cause further harm to the eladrin race as a whole.

Kasvarina thinks that perhaps her mind can be changed, provided the party proves themselves capable and brings forth an irrefutable argument for why she should be allowed to leave. Failing that, though, they could always sneak her out…

Athrylla Valanar

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