Benedict Pemberton

A dragon masquerading as a businessman.


A native Risuri gent with a smooth accent and a flair for business endeavors, Pemberton met the party mid-Autumn of 500 AOV during the Kaybeau exposition in Flint. He was advertising his upcoming line of rail-building golems, and seemed quite interested in Hugo’s simulacrum, the SNARE unit.

Unfortunately, he seemed to have no insights on the particulars of sentient machines, such as the inoperable golem found near Team 3’s crime scene.

More recently, he was seen in the company of Surtan Liss, trying to sell a new prototype line of rail-building steam golems. With the party’s help, they were able to secure their purchase for a bargain price, with a promise to grant Pemberton Industries special subsidies and tax breaks in Risur.

To the world’s great surprise, Pemberton was revealed to be a dragon, not quite as extinct as the history books assured. He introduced himself as the Steel Lord Gradiax, prior ruler of the gnolls of Isla dolas Focas and figurehead of their steel-worshipping cult. His attempt on the Bruse’s life was merely the first part of a scheme to overthrow all of Ber, but the destruction of his duplicant factory dealt a heavy blow to his plans.

He has withdrawn to the shadows for now, swearing vengeance on the constables who slew his steel-limbed daughter, Terakalir.

Benedict Pemberton

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