Nicolas Dupiers

Foreman at Axis Island.


A white-haired Danoran in his 50s, Dupiers met the constables several days after the duchess attacked Axis Island. He ran the iron mines, and knew that archaeologists working for the island’s military commander—General Alsanor—had found golden icons that resembled coins at three sites deep underground. When the fighting began, Dupiers panicked, stole two of these icons, and fled to the mine that contained the third icon, thinking their magic might help him. When he realized they let him see in the dark, he hid in the mine, fearing discovery by Risuri forces.

Sure enough, when the party arrived, he attacked them, but even with an elemental or two aiding him, he was soundly defeated, and was forced to give up the golden icons of Nem and Urim; Avilona was set in a nearby broken pillar.

Nicolas Dupiers

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