Eberardo y Valando

Two dragonborn brothers with a talent for arson.


The party met these two on the night of Summer 2, 500, as they were setting up a fire to burn down Heward Sechim’s alkahest factory. Little is known about them at the moment, save that Eberardo is a skilled warrior, while his brother Valando is a pyromancer… and they both speak with thick Beran accents. The two appeared to have been hired by someone, and the rash of fires plaguing Flint in recent months can now be clearly seen as their doing, not Gale’s

Following the sound of explosions and earth-shaking rumbles, it wasn’t hard for the brothers to find the home of their secretive employer. Deciding to be proactive and protect the source of their income, they engaged the constables. However, they didn’t have access to most of their firey blasts and bursts, out of a very real concern for igniting a huge reservoir of witchoil. With this handicap, the constables managed to beat them.

They are currently serving a life sentence in a Risuri prison.

Eberardo y Valando

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