Elanor Yanette

Eladrin slaver.


This obese woman boarded the train midway through the first day, in the Danoran city of Keskay. At almost all times, a pair of golden bracelets linked by a golden chain connects her to a shorter, thinner figure, clad in black veils so complete it’s impossible to tell if her associate is male or female.

This veiled figure never leaves Elanor’s sight, and only eats food that Elanor provides. What’s more, Elanor seems highly unnerved by the presence of Joliet DuBois (Kida ve Alema). Given this evidence, and the setting, the constables are currently operating under the assumption that she’s a slaver, and the veil hides an eladrin destined to be bought by some perverse noble. Since the practice isn’t illegal in Danor, just frowned upon in certain circles, she has been thus far uncontested by security.

Elanor’s Dealings.

  • On the night of Day 1, in Cherage, she stopped to ask a pair of guards to obtain for her a pass to leave the rail enclave, and travel into the city proper (normally forbidden, due to curfews). The constables tried to intercept the documents, but were unsuccessful. Surprisingly, she returned to the train in the morning, with her ‘associate’ still in tow.
  • In Orithea on the second night of the train ride, Elanor was followed to the Night Market where she purchased several potions from an apothecary specializing in charm and domination elixirs. Just as she was leaving, a fight broke out between the train’s mysterious hobo and Brug (Qiyet), causing her to utter to her veiled accomplice, “Come, Isobel, we’re leaving!” before fleeing the scene.
  • During the night of Day 3, Elanor was observed entering the basement of the enclave tavern, speaking to a dwarf that had accompanied her and Isobel. Listening at the door, Kida could hear the dwarf speaking in three different accents. Elanor promised all three voices that she would “deliver the goods unmarred—I haven’t had to beat her once yet. She’s very obedient.” The voice with a Drakran accent instructed her to “come to the tower,” where she would be paid well for her cargo. The Crisillyiri voice inquired about the other business interest, and Elanor replied that she would make a list of “prospective fodder for the arena,” but refused to consider any of the first-class passengers. Kida nailed her with a shuriken as she left.
  • Day 4 was Elanor’s last day alive, as she tried to sell Isobel to the highest bidder at an exlcusive little get-together in the Nalaam Grand Casino. Andrei teamed up with Joliet, Beckman, and Oscar (all in new disguises) to kill her and free the innocent eladrin.

Ring Status.

Elanor wears several rings of varying shapes and styles. Any one of which might possibly contain the inscription that would mark her as a member of the Obscurati.

Elanor Yanette

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