Erskine Haffkruger

A socially awkward planar biologist.


This dwarf environmental biologist was recruited to ensure that life can flourish under different planar alignments. He has blistering social awkwardness and a monotone voice, and is fascinated by the oddest things. He’s currently rooming with Livia Hatsfield, as the sixth and final member of the group the constables have infiltrated as. His presence might actually be troublesome, if Kida’s presence weren’t already totally undetectable.

He seems to have been helping with the goals of the Arboretum even before the convocation started, and indeed he cast his vote with them on the first night.

At the end of the Convocation, Erskine revealed himself to be a duplicant, piloted by Benedict Pemberton. It seems the folksy-voiced dragon disagrees with the Ob’s plans, and has made himself a rather dramatic enemy of them. The real Erskine is presumed dead, or held hostage by what remains of Pemberton’s followers.

Erskine Haffkruger

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