Kasvarina Varal

Amnesiac co-founder of the Obscurati.


Level 22 Soldier

Standard Actions

  • Ghost-Touch Longsword (at-will, basic). Martial melee, full damage vs insubstantial targets.
  • Frigid Touch (at-will, basic). Arcane melee, slows target one round. Cold damage.
  • Godfire (at-will) Arcane close, targets nine contiguous squares with at least one adjacent to Kasvarina. Fire damage.
  • Elfaivaran Warcasting (at-will). Use weapon attack, followed by at-will arcane.
  • Lightning Blade (daily). Arcane ranged 20, hits for lightning damage, then hits two more targets nearby for slightly less damage, and all targets in a burst 10 from the primary target for a small amount of damage.
  • Power Word: Blind (daily). Arcane ranged 20. Automatically blinds, with two saves needed to end the effect. Charm.
  • Unrelenting Geas (daily). Arcane ranged 5. Dominates target, and needs two saves to end. Successful saves deal psychic damage. Has additional effects on willing targets. Charm.

Move Action

  • Fey Disappearance (encounter). Arcane utility. Teleport 6 and invisible for one round; can choose to reappear under a visual illusion to resemble a different humanoid of equal size.

Minor Action

  • Clairvoyance (encounter). Arcane utility. Can see and hear from any square within 500 feet, which includes darkvision. Sustain standard.

Triggered Action

  • Arcane Defenses (at-will). Arcane utility, interrupt upon being damaged or gaining a condition. Gain resist 10 against any one energy type or immunity to one condition. Lasts for five minutes, or until this power is used again. This power can also be used as a minor action.

Kasvarina was first seen in a vision Hugo received after performing the object reading ritual. Her green dress is of an Elfaivaran style and make not produced since before the Great Malice.

In the vision, she looked on in horror as Grappa was force-fed witchoil by another man at the steel mill’s crime scene.

Now, her identity has been revealed as the wife of Asrabey Varal. Having gone missing for months prior, the dreadnought finally got wind of her location, hearing a snippet of another prophecy Ekossigan had given before leaving the Dreaming. Following his clues, he accompanied the party into the Ob’s Bleak Gate facility and rescued her, taking her speedily from the premises with not another word to the constables.

She seemed bewildered at the sight of the battle outside her room, and when Borne called out to her, calling her his mother, she screamed in fright. It was later revealed that she had lost the last five hundred years of her memory; she had no knowledge of raising Borne. To her, he was just an impossibly immense monster.

Now traveling alongside the party and re-living her history, Kasvarina seems genuinely ashamed and horrified about the terrible things she’s done, both as a member of the Obscurati and as a deeply flawed individual. Though it is often tempting to empathize with her past self due to the magnitude of cruelties she’s had to live through, it is clear she is trying her utmost to remain true to the ideals she held in her youth, before the onset of the second Holy War.

Kasvarina Varal

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