Julian LeBrix

The Danoran consulate's Security Chief.


Old, balding, and rheumy-eyed, LeBrix served Danor in the Third Yerasol War, then spent decades as seneschal to various minor nobles. Soft-spoken and forward thinking, LeBrix is still handy with a pistol, but he prefers to anticipate trouble and avoid it.

LeBrix is definitely hiding something from the party – he went out of his way to cover up certain aspects of the crime scene, and vehemently denied them access to the consular’s office. He takes full responsibility for killing Nilasa Hume, but official circumstances make him clear of any wrongdoing in the eyes of Risuri law. It’s looking less and less like he was the true killer, however…

After speaking with him a second time, he admitted he didn’t kill Nilasa – that was the deed of a blond-haired Risuri gentleman who came to met with the Danoran consular that day. Per the consular’s , the specifics of the death were covered up, and the stolen documents were never reported.

Julian LeBrix

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