Kaea Amata

Team 3's arcanist.


Kaea, RHC Wizard – Level 7 Artillery
Medium fey humanoid, eladrin

HP 42; Bloodied 21
Initiative +5
Perception +2; Low-light vision
AC 19, Fortitude 17, Reflex 19, Will 20
Healing Surges 1
Speed 6
Saves +5 vs. charm

Standard Actions

  • Quarterstaff - At-Will, Basic
    Attack: Melee 1; +10 vs. AC
    Hit: 1d8 + 2 damage.
  • Traditional Magic Missile – At-Will, Basic, Arcane, Force
    You conjure eldritch bolts which you can divide among your foes.
    Effect: You fire three missiles, each of which deals 5 force damage to a target within 20 squares. You may target a creature with multiple missiles.
  • Burning Hands – Encounter, Arcane, Fire
    You shoot fire from your fingertips in a flaming fan.
    Attack: Close Blast 3 (creatures in burst); +10 vs. Reflex
    Hit: 2d6 + 4 fire damage.

Move Actions

  • Fey Step - Encounter, Racial
    You step through the Dreaming and reappear across the room.
    Effect: You teleport 5 squares.

Minor Actions
Vengeful Gaze of the Goddess – Divine
You see as if your eyes were those of Srasama herself; no enemy can evade you for long.
Target One creature you can see.
Effect You unerringly know the direction (though not the distance) to the target until you take an extended rest.

Free Actions

  • Hands of Retribution – Encounter, Divine, Fire, Radiant
    Target: One enemy in close burst 10 that you can see (or sense with vengeful gaze of the goddess)
    Trigger: The target hits a bloodied ally (or an ally who is bloodied as a result of the hit).
    Effect: You deal 4 fire and radiant damage to the target, ignoring the racial fire resistance of demons, devils, and tieflings.
    Special: You can use this power up to 2 times per encounter, but only once per round.

Skills Arcana +14, Diplomacy +8, History +12, Stealth +10

Str 12 (+ 4) Dex 15 (+ 5) Wis 8 (+ 2)
Con 12 (+ 4) Int 18 (+ 7) Cha 10 (+ 3)

Alignment Unaligned
Languages Common, Elven, Primordial
Gear Staff, mask, robes


Serena is a brilliant and driven young woman, but being one of the few eladrin in the entire city means that she’s constantly turning heads wherever she goes, and as such tends to be rather shy. Serena is probably her best friend, and the two get along like sisters, though the rumor mill in the office is that they both have their sights set on Carlao Langford.

Unlike Kida ve Alema, she prefers to keep her membership in the mystics a total secret, and is instead posing as a skyseer. This truth is revealed here, since the players might be controlling her as a secondary character in chapter 5; no one actually knows this about Kaea save for Kida herself.

Kaea Amata

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