Kiov Hetman

Specialist tasked with disarming Drakran towers.


Male Dwarf Defense Consultant, Level 10

Wears chainmail under his coat, and carries a carbine/warhammer combo weapon, as well as a gun-shaped wand. Wears a ring of limestone.


Drakr’s towers—impenetrable monoliths of stone or polished steel that dot the landscape and notably line the border with the Malice Lands—keep the chaotic energy of the Great Malice from reaching Drakr, and Kiov is one of the few who knows how.

Hired by prison magnate Ramos Zoltan (seen at a distance by RHC Team 1 in chapter 4… and now murdered by parties unknown), Kiov finished his copious research and recently delivered his report to the eerie undead leader of Lantern Cell, Vicemi Terio. Now Kiov coordinates parties of adventurers whose mission is to negate the enchantments of these towers.

Kiov Hetman

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