Master of the Games in Nalaam.


One of the lords of Nalaam’s magocratic government, Kulp presides over the Grand Casino and its nigh-immeasurable wealth. People the world over come to Nalaam to experience pleasures too rare or illegal to find elsewhere. It’s said that if you pass through Nalaam without visiting the Casino, it wasn’t really a visit.

Kulp can afford to wear eccentric and flashy clothes of any and every ilk, but often settles on royal blues fashioned with jester-like ruffles and cockscombs. When presiding over the arena, he wears an intimidating mask – people can never really tell if the bloodshed below amuses or disgusts him, but he seems to enjoy announcing the matchups and generally putting on a good show for people.

In Chapter 4, he aided the (disguised) constables after they killed Elanor Yanette, and spoke a few lines in elvish that suggested he was a Vekeshi sympathizer. Thanks to him, Isobel and Andrei should be on their way to Risur.


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