Luc Jierre

A stuttering scientist, and brother of Lya Jierre.


A socially awkward arcanoscientist, the constables aren’t yet sure where Luc appears on the Jierre family tree. His sentences are almost constantly marred by nervous stutters, to the point where he seems much more comfortable conversing in sign language with his deaf companion, Ottavia Sacredote.

Luc’s Dealings.

  • He boarded on Day 2. That night, in Orithea, he had a few drinks with Simon (Templeton) and Oscar (Hugo) at the Effervescent Cup. Afterwards, he and Ottavia left, soon catching a carriage to the lighthouse on the docks. Templeton tried to follow, only to be cut off by a far-too-well-timed collapse of crates at the docks, blocking his path. Once in the lighthouse, a strange magical transposition of water mana occurred, after which he returned to his hotel. The whole time, he carried a large case with him.
  • On Day 3, he wasn’t seen at all during the attack. That night, he and Ottavia were discussing some sort of “extreme measure.” She asked if Luc had “replaced them all” yet, and Luc mentioned that it was being handled. The two then took their leave and visited Trekhom’s lighthouse; there was no dramatic magical phenomenon this time, and they parted company with a dwarf of unknown identity.
  • On Day 4, both he and Ottavia were seen leaving the rear of the train, just before all traingoers on the caboose fell unconscious. When Talon barged into his suite, he hid in the bathroom, letting the warden chase after his guardian instead.
  • At the final stop in Vendricce, he was officially brought into the Obscurati.

Ring Status.

Luc wears no rings.

Luc Jierre

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