Oscar Ashberry

Hugo Von Gearkinson’s second personality.


While ‘Oscar’ was initially just the name of a cover identity Hugo assumed for the events of [[Chapter 4, Always on Time. | Chapter 4, Always on Time]], recent events have brought to light the emergence of a second personality inhabiting Hugo’s mind, following his parting with the soul/mind of Xambria Meredith. Unlike Hugo, Oscar is pessimistic, sarcastic, irritible, and he enjoys alcohol. In many ways, he is Hugo’s opposite, and usually manifests in times of high stress, apparently as some sort of defense mechanism for the often-panicky technologist. Dima Kosygin, the go-to psychologist for the RHC in Flint, confirmed that Oscar is indeed a splinter personality, but he still passed the divination-based Risuri loyalty tests that are standard for agents entering the Constabulary.

Qiyet Outrunner has taken a particular distrust to him. She wavers back and forth on whether “Oscar” is really there at all, or whether he’s some sort of unwelcome parasite masquerading as a second personality—perhaps an Ob agent’s personality, or any one of a number of different unpleasant fiends and aberrations the constables have battled in the past. She makes no secret of these feelings, even to Hugo’s face. Even so, she continues to travel alongside him as the ex-constables continue their anti-Obscurati efforts, but she keeps a close vigil in case he ever goes rogue.

Oscar Ashberry

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