Rush Munchausen

Snarky bodyguard working for the Ob.


Wiry and scrappy with huge forearm muscles, Rush’s defining characteristic is his unconventional fighting style. He carries two immovable batons, which are essentially immovable shafts that pack the wallop of a light mace. Using them in tandem, he can create handholds to swing from wherever he wants, and his muscular arms are more than capable of propelling him through the air as he swings hand over hand.

The batons can also handily provide minor cover, and can stop a sword dead in its tracks. With the push of a button, he can even extend them to eight feet in length with no apparent loss in the control of his strikes.

Many foes find it hard to adjust to fighting him, and even when he gets over his head he can always brachiate away through thin air. Cheating his way through the limited nature of flight magic has made him cocky, and he loves to rub his opponents’ faces in the dirt, literally or metaphorically.

Rush was killed during the climactic battle at the end of Chapter 6, in Pemberton’s volcano lair.

Rush Munchausen

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