Verzubak Tantalovich

A bleary-eyed gambler.


Verzubak always looks tired, but seems upbeat nonetheless. His mannerisms are odd – he’s been seen sitting by himself, rolling a pair of six-sided dice over and over while writing down the results. The constables have him pegged as an eschatologist (though he hasn’t said as much), possibly even possessing the rarest of their abilities: a Logos, with the limited ability to ‘narrate’ the nature of the world around him.

If so, he seems to only be using his power to win at gambling.

Verzubak’s Dealings.

  • On the night of Day 1, in Cherage, Verzubak played a series of games of chance in the fancy bar, losing consecutively until he landed a big payout at the end of the night, ultimately coming out ahead.
  • Much the same thing happened on Day 2, though he was also seen in the enclave hotel’s lobby, repeatedly rolling a pair of dice and recording the results in a notebook.
  • On Day 3, Verzubak seemed unable to get anyone to play with him, until Calius sat at his table. Even pre-armed with the knowledge of the dwarf’s sharking skills, the constable was still caught off guard in the third game, but ultimately came out ahead in total gold.
  • On Day 4, Verzubak made a somewhat clumsy attempt to lure the party to Odiem, where he became stranded. His current status is unknown, but due to the fact that no one in Vendricce seemed to miss him, he’s unlikely to be an Ob member.

Ring Status.

Verzubak wears several rings of various shapes and styles. Any one of which could contain an inscription marking him as an Ob member, though he seems pretty careless with them, even going so far as to put them into the pot if he’s short on gold during a game.

Verzubak Tantalovich

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