Aeriad Bracers

Made from the shafts and fletching of arrows, these bracers give you slight control over objects in flight.


Level 6+ Uncommon
Arm Slot

Property When you fall, you may land in any square adjacent to where you would normally fall. If you deliberately jump down, you may shift 1 square for every 10 ft. you fall.

Property You gain a +2 item bonus to damage rolls with a bow, firearm, or crossbow.

  • Level 16: +4 item bonus to damage.
  • Level 26: +6 item bonus to damage.

The party found these bracers in the possession of a Cloudwood bandit named Renard. The constables killed him during a scuffle on a switchback road – a questionable move, but in the end the forest roads are likely safer now.

Aeriad Bracers

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