Badger Grenade

You pull the pin, throw, and a swarm of badgers appears!

weapon (ranged)

Level 18+ Uncommon Consumable
Weapon: Grenade.

Critical: +1d6 per plus (plus the normal hi-crit for a grenade).

Power (Daily) Standard action. Summoning, Inaccurate
Attack: Area burst 1 within 5/10, all targets in area. +21 vs AC.
Hit: d10 damage, or half on a miss.
Effect: A Dreaming Badger Swarm appears in the burst (right after the explosion, thank you), overlapping the spaces of other creatures; any creatures hit by the attack are automatically grabbed by the badgers. The swarm behaves normally for a summoned creature: If it is destroyed, you lose a healing surge, and it does not take its own actions.
Special: If you throw a second badger grenade before taking an extended rest, no badgers will appear. The fey creatures will only answer your call so often.
>Level 23: +26vs AC; 2d10 damage.
>Level 28: +31 vs AC; 3d10 damage.

Dreaming Badger

Huge swarm of Small fey beasts
Defenses (yours)
HP (half your bloodied value)
Speed 6

  • Sea of Teeth
    Large or smaller creatures treat the swarm’s space as difficult terrain. Moving into or out of a space in the swarm deals 5 damage to the moving creature.
  • Tenacious Bites
    The badgers won’t let go of you until they’re dead. Maybe not even then.
    The Dreaming Badger Swarm automatically sustains its grabs each turn. A creature that is grabbed by the swarm takes 10 damage at the start of its turn. If the swarm is reduced to 0 hit points, the target no longer takes damage, but it is slowed until it spends a minor action to shake off a badger’s corpse, which then disappears back to the Dreaming.
    > Lvl 23 or 28: 15 damage.
  • Shared Movement
    When you use a move action, you may have the swarm use a move action as well.
Standard Actions
  • Badger Bite - At-Will, Basic
    Special: The swarm gains combat advantage on this attack if the creature is already grabbed by them.
    Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); Atk vs. AC (uses your attack bonus with the badger gun)
    Hit: 2d8+5 damage and the target is grabbed.
    Critical Hit: Maximize dice as usual, then add bonus d6’s from the item’s critical property.
    > Lvl 23 or 28: 3d8+5 damage._

Badger Grenade

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