Bracelet of Liberty

Dozens of links from the chains of slaves were shattered apart and half-melted into the shape of this bracelet. If you lose control of your own will, the links sear with heat and bring you to your senses.


Level 16 Rare
Arms Slot

Power (Encounter) No action.
Trigger: You or an ally you can see becomes dominated or is otherwise magically compelled to take an action against its will.
Effect: The target of the dominating effect may choose to take fire and radiant damage equal to half their bloodied value to end the dominated condition or negate the compelled action, though any other effects attached to it still occur, such as damage. Regardless of the target’s choice, the creature responsible for the mind control takes an equal amount of fire and radiant damage.

Curse (sort of) While wearing this bracelet, you take 4d8 fire and radiant damage whenever you…

  • use an attack with the charm keyword, or
  • inflict the dominated condition on a creature.

Bracelet of Liberty

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