Dragon-Bane Balm

This oil reeks of rotted, charred flesh.


Level 14+ Uncommon
Consumable: Oil

Power (Consumable) Standard action.
Effect: You apply the oil to a weapon or implement, and it lasts for five minutes. Add the following modifiers to the next attack it makes against a creature with the dragon keyword:

Attack: +5 item bonus.
Hit: +1d12 damage, and all damage dealt ignores resistance.
Effect: Until the end of the encounter, the wielder of this weapon or implement gains resist 10 against dragon breath.

Level 24: +2d12 damage, and resist 15.


A specialty of the mages in Ber’s Ministry of Dragon Affairs, Kenna Vigilante hasn’t had occasion to order the creation of this oil in her entire career. An alchemical item which capitalizes on a dragon’s elemental nature, Dragon-Bane balm is noted among dragon-scholars for turning any weapon or implement into a tool for hunting the mighty scaled wyrms, which is often more convenient and cost-effective than seeking out true

Dragon-Bane Balm

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