Eschatologist's Weapon

You cannot lift this weapon easily. Only once you ponder that it might end a life, and you come to terms with that possibility, is it light enough to carry.

weapon (ranged)

Level 13+ Rare
Weapon: Any.

Critical: +1d8 cold damage per plus. The dice increase to d12s against creatures who were once alive, but then died, such as undead or targets of the raise dead ritual.

Property When using this weapon (even as an implement), your attacks do not have the option of knocking out a creature in nonlethal fashion when you drop them to zero hitpoints.

Property While holding this weapon, you gain fire resistance equal to 3 + twice the weapon’s enhancement bonus.

Power (At-Will) Free Action.
All untyped damage dealt by this weapon becomes cold damage. Another free action returns the weapon’s damage to normal.

Power (Encounter) Free Action.
Trigger: You hit a target with an attack using this weapon.
Effect: The target gains ongoing 10 cold damage (save ends). Whenever it takes this damage, each creature within 3 squares also takes an equal amount of cold damage.
Lvl 23 or 28: Ongoing 15 cold damage.

Power (Encounter) Minor Action.
You extinguish any or all nonmagical fire within 5 squares, and each ally in the burst can make a saving throw against any ongoing fire damage that a save can end.


Crafted by Kvarti Gorbatiy, a carbine with this enchantment was gifted to the constables (specifically Alain Templeton for reasons of practicality) as thanks for dismantling the terrorist Eschatologist cell in Flint.

Eschatologist's Weapon

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