Fey Portal Pad

Vines grow from where you place this wooden pad. A five-foot diameter disk, its face is traced in incomplete golden arcs and inlaid with green tones in the form of the vesica pisces: two interlocking circles, representing mystical connection.


Level 17 Uncommon
Wondrous Item

This component takes up a single 5-foot square on a ship’s main deck.

Property A five minute ritual, which can be performed by anyone who knows the proper fey command words, primes this component for one minute. A creature standing on the primed portal pad may teleport to a spot which must be visible and within about 1000 feet (200 squares), bringing along up to 7 adjacent creatures.

Arrival takes a brief moment, so creatures cannot ready their actions to strike the moment they appear; if you teleport into a hostile zone, neither side will be surprised by the other. Boarding an enemy vessel requires the ritual leader (who uses the engineer officer role if you’re using Admiral o’ the High Seas) to make an Arcana check, with a DC equal to 10 + the target ship’s level.

On a failure, the group can abort, or choose to still teleport, but they’ll arrive in the water within 25 feet of the target.

Power (Daily) Naval action. Teleportation
If the engineer, the navigator, and the ship’s captain recite the ritual backwards, they can instead have the ship transition briefly to The Bleak Gate or The Dreaming. While transitioned, the portal pad’s teleportation powers are suppressed. Each naval round (approximately five minutes), the engineer must make an Arcana check (DC 25, +2 per previous successful check). If he fails, he may either have the vessel return to the real world, or have the vessel take 1 point of hull integrity damage. If the ship sinks, it automatically warps back to the natural world first.


Fey Portal Pad

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