Figurine of Wondrous Power: Mechanical Carriage

It’s not exactly horseless.


Lvl 11 Uncommon
Wondrous Item

Power (Daily) Standard Action.
This two-inch figurine summons a full-sized armored carriage. Instead of being drawn by horses, though, it is pulled by two sets of mechanical horse legs. The Carriage disappears if driven more than a mile away from the figurine that summoned it.

Power (Daily) Standard Action.
You dismiss the carriage. If it is damaged or destroyed, it will be fully repaired the next time it is summoned.

Mechanical Carriage – Large Vehicle
Space 2 by 3 squares

HP 150
AC 10
Fortitude 15
Reflex 4

Speed 10, overland speed 20


  • Artificial Horsepower
    The Carriage does not require fuel or rest, and can double-move at the listed overland speed for long stretches. On a relatively smooth road, the vehicle can travel at 20 mph, which means 200 miles for each normal day of 10-hour travel. Off-roads or within cities, it uses its normal speed of 10, and treats most non-road squares as difficult terrain.
  • Autopilot
    The Carriage can be directed to automatically follow simple routes, such as “take northerly roads” or “head to Flint,” as long as the way is marked with signs or forks in the road are otherwise fairly obvious. During this time, it will automatically swerve or stop to avoid obstacles in plain view.
  • Driver
    The Carriage is driven by the individual holding the figurine, who may sense whatever’s in front or slightly to either side of the vehicle as easily as if he were sitting in the driver’s seat. This sight is lost if the figure-holder cannot see the Carriage itself. The Carriage goes out of control if no conscious creature is holding the figurine.
  • Out of Control
    The Carriage moves forward at its normal speed, automatically steering to follow roads, and randomly choosing a direction when presented with a forked path. If it reaches a dead-end, it will stop.
  • Load
    Four Medium-sized creatures inside, and two more on the driver’s seat up top. 400 lbs of cargo in various compartments.
  • Cover
    The Carriage provides cover to its passengers (but not creatures in the driver’s seat). It has metal shutters that can be locked down (standard action for each side, or minor action on the part of the figure-holder) to provide total cover.

This item used to be Lorcan Kell’s personal transport, though usually only saw use in emergencies. Unfortunately, it did not include gold-framed windows in its design.

Figurine of Wondrous Power: Mechanical Carriage

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