Frost Giant Armor

With a thought, this fist-sized ball of jagged ice begins to spread across you, encasing your body in a frigid suit of armor.


Level 18+ Rare
Armor: Chain, Scale, or Plate.

Power (At-Will) Minor action.
You don or remove the armor. While not in use, it condenses into a 5-pound ball of ice which can never melt. When you don it, you may choose which form of heavy armor it will take.

Property You have resist 10 cold.
Level 23 or 28: resist 15 cold.

Power (Daily) Standard action.
Your size increases to Large until the end of the encounter, which increases your normal melee reach by 1. Make a melee basic attack. Synergy Bonus: Instead of a melee basic attack, a martial scientist may use the Awesome Blow power.

Note The armor found by the constables is made of ancient, condensed ice dug from some of the oldest chasms in Drakr. As such, it is masterwork armor, with an armor bonus 3 higher than normal, regardless of the form it takes.


Frost Giant Armor

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