Grenade, Magic

It's probably for the best that these things are NOT enchanted to return to your hand after throwing.

weapon (ranged)

Level 6+ Common

Critical +1d6 per plus

Damage 1d10
Proficient +2
Range 5/10
Weight 3 lb.
Group Firearm, Ammo
Properties Hi-Crit, Brutal 2, Heavy Thrown, Inaccurate, Explosive 1

Inaccurate: Before making the first attack roll, the attacker makes a saving throw. If the save fails, the weapon or projectile veers off course, perhaps just missing by 1 square (2 squares at long range), or bouncing off or exploding against cover. If the attacker spends a move action to aim first, he does not need to make the save.

Explosive: This weapon targets an area burst of the designated size, rather than a single enemy, and deals half damage on a miss. You do not add your ability modifier to damage. If the first attack roll is a natural 1, the weapon is a dud, and does not explode – though it can be salvaged and used after a short rest, during which you repair the triggering mechanism.


Grenade, Magic

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