Hat of Hats

You reach your hand into this simple bowler hat and pull out the full outfit of a classic stage magician: white gloves, black suit with tails, black pants, polished white and black shoes. When you glance back at the hat, it’s changed into a tophat.


Level 4 Uncommon
Head Slot

Power (At-Will) Minor Action.
The hat changes shape to any hat that would fit your head, to a maximum of about three feet in any dimension. Even if given a hazardous shape (like a horned helm or a hat with a circular blade concealed in its brim), at best it counts as an improvised weapon, using a d4 as a damage die and having no proficiency bonus.

Power (Encounter) Standard Action.
You produce a whole costume of mundane clothes that last for 24 hours, or until you use this power again.

Power (Daily) Standard Action.
You produce a small rabbit, bird, or badger from the hat. The creature is harmless and disappears at the end of the encounter.


Taken from Blander Waryeye, aka the magician known as the House Elf, after he and his wife were arrested for the crime of aiding a known terrorist. Qiyet decided it would be best to turn it in to the quartermaster right away, rather than give it to Hugo to goof off with.

Hat of Hats

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