Hugo's Hydromantic Firearm

This gun uses high-pressure blasts of water rather than bullets. Able to pull moisture from the air, it effectively has limitless ammunition... but it looks really goofy.

weapon (ranged)

Level 7+ Uncommon
Weapon: Any Firearm.

Critical: +1d6 per plus, or +1d10 per plus against fire creatures.

Property This weapon cannot use ammunition; there is no place for a bullet to be loaded. It still needs an action for the user to “load” it by working the pump a few times to get the water inside pressurized.

Property This firearm can still function normally even if soaking wet. Attacks made underwater take no penalty. An attack from this weapon that deals untyped damage to a flaming object that is person-sized or smaller will immediately douse it, as long as the fire isn’t magical.

Property You take a -2 penalty to Intimidate while this weapon is visible on your person.

Power (Daily) Free Action.
Trigger: You hit with a ranged attack using this weapon.
Effect: The target is pushed 2 squares and knocked prone.


(this item is a refluffed Quenchquiver Weapon)

Hugo's Hydromantic Firearm

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