A captured Drakran vessel.



Level 10 Large Vehicle (17×5 squares)

Hull Integrity 3
Defense 15
Minimum Crew 2
Full Crew 8
Total Complement 25
Attack Bonus +6 to forward or broadsides.
Speed 6
Maneuverability 6
Command by PC


  • Design
    Steam engine. Three decks. Runes etched on the hull.
  • Armaments
    Crew: 6. A pair of heavy cannons in a rotating turret, inscribed with dwarven battle runes.
  • Bold and Aggressive
    When the ship is sailing toward a foe, its speed increases by 2 and its captain gains a +2 bonus to Command checks during the Location stage. The ship gets a +2 bonus to Defense against attacks from ships at short range.
  • Ramprow
    Khalundurrin takes 1 fewer strike when it rams.
  • Ironclad, Tar and Brimstone Sheathing
    The crew has cover against attacks made from outside the ship. Whenever a creature within 6 squares of the hull attacks the underside of the ship, that creature takes 10 fire damage.
  • Shield Defense
    A diamond embedded in the ramprow charges runes etched across the hull. These generate a protective shield, and any spell that originates more than 10 squares away from the ship deals 20 less damage to creatures aboard Khalundurrin.

Arcanists who examined this ship postulate that some manner of spirit might inhabit its steam engine. Crew who serve on it sleep easily and speak of dreams filled with bold imagery like something out of a dwarven opera.


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