Lord of the Land

The monarch's power over the very soil of Risur.


Legendary Boon

Power (At-Will) Minor Action (1/round)
In Risur, you may mentally move earth, stone, and foliage within 10 squares of you. Each time you use this power, you can manipulate up to four five-foot cubes of such material, sliding each of them up to one square, and/or altering their shape. Intricate shapes like statues are too detailed for you to create, but rough structures like stairs are possible.

Property If you will it, you can bar a creature from entering Risur by way of teleportation or planar travel for thirty days. You must speak the creature’s name to do so.

Property You gain access to a special ritual that can open a doorway into the Dreaming. It takes ten minutes to cast, and has no component cost.

Situational Boon The monarch can gain incredible power, but the rites of rulership were designed such that it could only ever be used in defense of the nation, and only in truly dire straits. When facing an enemy force (singular or vast) that is contesting control of Risuri lands, you gain power to make yourself a match for the highest-level of your opponents (if you face an enemy army or a swarm-type creature in which the most powerful individual is equal to or below your level, you gain no benefit).

This boon can be weakened or lost entirely if the nobles of Risur issue their grievances or challenge their leader’s authority.


Lord of the Land

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