Restraints specially made to hold spellcasters of all varieties.


Lvl 1+ Common
Wondrous Item

Property When a person wearing mage-cuffs uses any magical power (generally defined as an arcane, divine, primal, psionic, or shadow power, or equivalent non-typed abilities), the cuffs glow, make a warning whistle sound, and deal 10 damage to the wearer. A creature reduced to 0 hit points this way is knocked unconscious, not killed.

Property Like any good pair of handcuffs in Lanjyr, these contain threads of gold forged inside the metal, preventing teleportation.

Property Escaping from these handcuffs requires a DC 30 Acrobatics check or a DC 30 Thievery check (assuming you have some kind of tool to pick the lock).

Better Magecuffs This item can be bought as a level 6, 11, etc version. For each five levels of cost above 1, the item’s first property deals an additional 5 damage, and you may add one of the following properties:

  • Spectral Coating. The cuffs can hold phasing creatures, and the item’s damage ignores the insubstantial trait. The cuffs cannot render a creature corporeal, but they can be anchored to prevent a ghost-like creature from simply floating away. Also, the creature’s own etherealness doesn’t apply to the cuffs.
  • Unchanging. The cuffed creature cannot change form by Polymorph powers or similar effects.
  • Custom-made. The cuffs are made of special material, like adamantine, mithral, cold iron, solid gold, etc.
  • Coffin-nail charm. Creatures dwelling within the cuffed creatures (whether due to parasitism, demonic possession, or a host of other possibilities) cannot emerge.
  • Rogue-proof. Add 10 to the escape DCs.
  • Aura-negation. Cuffed creature may not have active auras.

Special A humanoid cannot wear more than two pairs of mage-cuffs simultaneously: one on the wrists, and another on the ankles. A creature with shackled ankles is slowed unless it is swimming, flying, etc. The properties of two differently-enchanted mage-cuffs will both function, but the damage they deal does not stack.


These special cuffs are readily available for the constables to purchase, though their expense prevents them from being standard-issue.

The handcuffs possessed by PCs at the start of the campaign are nonmagic versions – though they do still contain gold, in order to prevent teleportation. Since they aren’t magic, the chain between them can be broken with a DC 25 Strength check (a move action), or by dealing them 30 points of damage.


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