Man-Killing Machete

Its blade is nicked, rusted, and bloodstained. If you’re not careful, it will slice your finger when it’s still an inch away from the edge.

weapon (melee)

Lvl 12+ Rare
Weapon: Longsword.

Critical: +1d6 damage per plus.

Property When you have this weapon on your person, you may choose to have every light blade, heavy blade, axe, and spear you carry share this weapon’s enhancement bonus. If you do, whenever you miss a humanoid creature with a weapon attack using one of those weapon types, the target takes 5 damage (this is in addition to any other damage it might suffer, like half damage from a missed daily power).

Lvl 22 or 27: 10 damage.


This was Lorcan Kell’s weapon, taken off his body following his death in Chapter 5. It empowered his personal arsenal of bladed weapons.

Man-Killing Machete

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