Monarch of the Masses

The monarch's power, derived from his subjects.


Legendary Boon

Property You gain a +5 bonus to saving throws against charm, fear, and poison effects.

Property You have regeneration 10. This stacks with racial regeneration.

Property If you fail your final death save, you may choose to become stable instead (you still technically roll death saves, in case it matters for effects that trigger from death saves).

These benefits can be weakened or lost entirely if the citizenry of Risur lose faith in their leader. If you officially name a successor, you also lose all benefits of this boon, though both it and Lord of the Land will transfer to the chosen individual upon participating in a coronation ceremony.

Curse The first time each encounter that you fall to zero hitpoints or fewer, all your allies (citizens of Risur tend to count by default) within three miles become dazed for one round.


Monarch of the Masses

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