Paired Immovable Batons

Exquisite patterns of roiling clouds and celestial spheres decorate these two platinum batons, and a pair of golden buttons stand out at each weapon's end. Enchanted like immovable shafts, they still pack the wallop of a light mace.

weapon (melee)

Level 15+ Rare
Weapon: Light Mace.

Critical: +1d6 per plus.

Property These two weapons are enchanted as a pair; neither one can function without the other, and they are priced as a single item. They also cannot move more than 10 feet from the other—the instant that one weapon is moved 3 squares away from the other, each baton teleports one square toward the other and locks in place.

Property Each baton has a button that you can depress as a free action on your turn that toggles the baton between 3 feet in length (normal reach) and 8 feet in length (reach 2). When lengthened, the batons still function as light maces – they still require only one hand to use, even though they grant you reach.

Power (At-Will) Minor Action.
Effect: You place one or both of the batons into position, either in your square or adjacent squares. Each baton so placed remains in that position, even if such placement defies gravity. You can reposition or deactivate the immovable batons using another minor action, but any other creature seeking to move it must succeed on a DC 25 Strength check and spend a standard action to move it 1 square, plus one square for every 10 points they beat the DC by.

Property Using the two weapons’ at-will powers in conjunction, you can essentially use Athletics to climb through empty air. The DC to do so is 25. While you are holding at least one baton, you cannot fall or be knocked prone unless you want to be, or unless you are unconscious.

If you have a Climb speed, it could effectively become a Fly speed, as long as your ability to climb is primarily focused on your hands (for example, boots of spider climbing wouldn’t work with the batons, but bracers of brachiation would). Flying in this manner effectively grants you the Hover ability.


Paired Immovable Batons

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