Razorburst Weapon

Pairing Drakran magic and Danoran science, this weapon’s blade is edged with jagged teeth that glint in the light. Upon activation these teeth saw back and forth in a keening blur, liable to sever something vital.

weapon (melee)

Level 12+ Uncommon
Weapon: Axe, Heavy blade, Light blade, or Spear

Critical: +1d10 damage per plus.

Power (Encounter) Free Action.
Trigger: You hit an enemy with this weapon and afterward the target has fewer HP than the weapon’s level (The GM should cue you in to this). Synergy Bonus: A martial scientist using the Focused Severance technique may add their character level to this threshold, at the cost of expending both the item’s power and their theme power.
Effect: The weapon shrieks, and its bladed teeth saw back and forth as a mechanism near the hilt unspools. The target must make a saving throw. On a success, the target loses an extremity of its choice, chosen from 1-4 on the list below. On a failure, the attacker chooses which extremity the target loses.

Creatures without extremities are unaffected. Generally speaking, living creatures take ongoing 5 damage (save ends) when they lose a limb, but this does not apply to creatures that don’t have a circulatory system.

  1. A severed hand prevents use of anything the target could normally hold or wield with that hand.
  2. A severed arm has the same effect as a severed hand, but also prevents the use of strictly arm-mounted items, like light shields.
  3. A severed foot slows the target (or imposes a -4 speed penalty to quadrupeds), and they cannot shift.
  4. A severed leg renders the target permanently prone (creatures that manage to stand on one leg cannot fight effectively, and quickly fall over again). Quadrupeds that lose a single leg are merely slowed.
  5. A severed wing prevents flight – creatures currently flying fall.
  6. A severed tail prevents tail attacks and gives the creature a -5 penalty to Acrobatics checks.
  7. Severed horns prevent or weaken gore attacks.
  8. Certain creatures may be affected by this power in a unique fashion – such as a beholder losing access to a random eye ray, or a hydra losing one of its heads.

Razorburst Weapon

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