Rust Monster Egg

You throw the egg to the ground, and as it shatters a rust monster appears.


Level 10 Uncommon
Wondrous Item (consumable)

Power (Consumable) Standard Action.
You throw the egg up to 10 squares, and then summon a cursed rust monster. It only has 1 hit point, and if not slain it lasts until the end of the encounter.

Cursed Rust Monster

Level 10 Minion – Controller
Medium natural beast
HP 1; (a missed attack never damages a minion)
AC 24, Fort 22, Ref 22, Will 21
Initiative (just after you)
Perception +5 (low-light vision)
Speed 6
Immune unstable residuum


  • Rusting Defense
    Whenever an attack using a metal weapon hits the rust monster, the weapon rusts. It imposes a cumulative -1 penalty to attack rolls until the weapon is repaired, such as by the Make Whole ritual. If the weapon would reach a -5 penalty, it instead dissolves into a pile of rust-colored dust (and residuum, if it was enchanted).

Standard Actions

  • Bite – At-will, Basic
    Attack: Melee 1; +15 vs AC
    Hit: 2d10 +7 damage. If the target is wearing metal armor, it rusts, taking a cumulative -1 penalty to AC (see Rusting Defense).
  • Devour MetalEncounter
    Attack: Melee 1; +13 vs Reflex
    Hit: One rusted item worn or wielded by the target is destroyed (see Rusting Defense).

Minor Actions

  • Cursed Antennae – At-will, 1/round
    Attack: Melee 2; +13 vs Reflex
    Hit: Metal weapons and armor worn or wielded by the creature rust one step (See Rusting Defense, but items safely in scabbards, holsters, or packs do not rust). Additionally, the target suffers a back-biting curse (save ends). The curse deals 10 damage at the start of the target’s turn if it dealt any damage to any other creatures last turn; this is dealt in the form of the target’s weapons jumping or curling around to attack him.

Str 16, Dex 16, Wis 10
Con 15, Int 2, Cha 8

Alignment Unaligned


After encountering a pair of cursed rust monsters in room 5 of the Vault of Heresies, the party recovered one of these eggs from each of their corpses (along with the residuum that had once been Kida’s primary weapon).

Rust Monster Egg

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