Skull of Cheshimox

This six-foot skull freezes the skin off anyone who touches it. Bone hinges hold its jaw on, and a bone crank can force its maw open, unleashing a blast of frost.


Level 16 Rare
Wondrous Item

Weight: 40 lbs

Property Any creature that touches the skull takes 20 cold damage each round. Prolonged contact destroys most organic materials, and putting the skull in a bag of holding or similar container will just ruin that container in a matter of minutes.

The skull is best mounted on a scaffold made from the dead dragon Cheshimox’s own bones. Typically it is then carried on a sled with a speed of 8 which can be turn up to 90 degrees each move action.

The crank to activate the skull can be touched without risk.

Power (At-Will) Standard Action.
Effect: You turn the crank, and freezing cold fills an area extending from the skull in a straight line to a distance of 60 feet (in other words, a wall 12 area, but only in a straight line). Any creature that enters or starts its turn in that area takes 20 cold damage. The spray continues until the start of the activator’s next turn, at which point, if the skull’s cold has not killed a creature during this activation, the skull deals 20 necrotic damage to the activator.


This sled-mounted skull was used against the work camp of the Liss Rail line when the construction got too close to the remnants of Cheshimox’s undead lizardfolk followers.

Upon further inspection by RHC specialists, several inscriptions were found etched into the bone, all in the near-forgotten language of Abyssal, dating back to the days of the Demonocracy. Translated by magic, they all read the same:


Skull of Cheshimox

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