Staff of Arson

Carved from an ember-glowing beam of scorched wood, this staff desires to spread the flames that formed it.


Level 7+ Rare
Implement/Weapon: Staff.

Critical: None.

Property Critical hits by allies within 3 squares of you deal ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends).
Level 12 or 17: Allies within 4 squares; Ongoing 10 fire.
Level 22 or 27: Allies within 5 squares; ongoing 15 fire.

Power (At-Will) Minor Action (1/round). Fire, Zone
Choose a zone that deals fire damage or a creature suffering ongoing fire damage. A square adjacent to that creature or zone becomes a zone until the end of the encounter. Any creature that enters the new zone on its turn or starts its turn there takes fire damage equal to the amount dealt by the original fire effect. This power does not work on hazardous terrain that deals fire damage (like lava).


This was carried by Valando, one of the Beran arson brothers who torched much of Flint in Chapter 2. With its original owner now in prison, it sits around in the RHC quartermaster’s office, wrapped with inflammable material.

Staff of Arson

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