Staff of the Ancients

This wooden staff is covered in a spiral of symbols that denote the primal elements of air, earth, fire, and water. When you attack, it turns briefly to gold.


Level 9+ Rare
Implement/Weapon: Staff.

Critical: +1d6 acid, cold, fire, lightning, and thunder damage per plus.

Property This staff can be used as an implement by characters proficient with totems, in addition to those normally proficient with staff implements.

Power (Encounter) Free action.
Trigger: You roll an attack for a power that deals acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder damage, and dislike the result.
Effect: You may reroll the attack roll.

Power (Daily) Standard Action.
Requirement: You must have seen an enemy use a non-triggered attack power with the acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder keyword since the end of your last turn.
Effect: You may use that enemy’s power with your own square as the origin, but you must use the enemy’s attack and damage bonus instead of your own. If you crit, use this implement’s critical property.


Recovered from a novice mage by the name of Simon Langfield, this staff appears to be responsible for the appearance of the nightmarish creatures that terrorized the fairgrounds.

RHC enchanters have now identified the staff’s main properties, but the implement’s connection to the planet Apet is still not entirely understood. For now, it is kept under warding magics. Following a proper investigation by the PCs, Delft is considering calling in a personal favor from Harkover Lee to remove the planar magics from the staff, so that it can be wielded safely.

In any case, it will not be returned to Simon.

The enchantment (now stabilized) can be transferred to a non-historic replica at the party’s request.

The relic itself is currently on display at the museum in Flint, now that the Gidim crisis has passed.

Staff of the Ancients

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