Steelsilk Mantle

This ornate purple silk cloak is interwoven with enchanted steel threads.


Level 17+ Uncommon
Neck Slot

Power (At-Will) Minor action.
You can reshape some part of the cloak into any mundane steel object you could hold in one hand, such as a sword, a key, or a cage. This item detaches from the main cloak, but can be reattached as a free action. You can only have one item detached from the cloak at a time. If not reattached before you take an extended rest, the item disappears, and the cloak re-forms its lost mass.

Power (Encounter) Immediate Interrupt.
Trigger: An attack hits against your Armor Class.
Effect: The cloak spins into the path of the blow and hardens like a shield. You gain an untyped bonus to your AC against that attack equal to this item’s enhancement bonus.


Owned by Leone Quital, this item’s threat was identified during Leone’s unconsciousness and removed before he could use it to produce handcuff keys. Stover Delft recommends taking it along during the Drakr trip so it can be returned once Grappa gains control.

Steelsilk Mantle

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