Sword of the Black Needles

Centuries in a bog has not tarnished this gleaming broadsword. Faint Elven writing can still be seen along the blade: 'Ruin Silme Megil.'

weapon (melee)

Level 25 Rare
Weapon: Broadsword

Critical: +5d12 fire and psychic damage.

Property If you are proficient in the use of a broadsword, you can treat this weapon as any one type of implement you can normally wield (This means you will still benefit from things like the Orb Expertise feat or the wizard’s Staff of Defense feature). Even without proficiency, any character may use this sword to channel an Implement power.

Property You can make basic melee attacks with this weapon against targets that have been removed from play, but you take the usual -5 penalty for an invisible opponent. You must be within melee reach of the space they vanished from. Close and area attacks suffer no penalty.

Power (At-Will) Free Action.
All untyped damage that would be dealt by this weapon is instead both fire and psychic damage. Another free action returns the sword to normal.

Power (Daily) Free Action.
Use this power when you hit with this weapon. The target is banished to a demiplane, and is removed from play (save ends). On a save, the target reappears in the space it last occupied. If that space is occupied, the target returns to the nearest unoccupied space of its choosing.


Sword of the Black Needles

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