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  • Chapter 5 Prologue

    Kida Ve Alema

    Roughly a month after returning from their undercover mission, Kida went to the next scheduled Vekeshi meeting in the Dreaming, the blade of Srasama at her belt in scimitar form. When first another

  • Hotel Aurum

    Construction began in Spring 500 on the extravagant Hotel Aurum. Conceived by a genius halfling, the hotel is actually two separate buildings connected skywalks at the third, seventh, and eleventh floors. The distinction was meant to allow segregation

  • Looking Good in Red

    Narrate: Sitting clasped around that iconic red bowler, the Arc slowly fades from view as Hugo heads down an alley in Parity Lake after nightfall. Already the youngest member of Team 1, he drops another couple of years in age, leaving

  • Navras

    Narrate: Kasvarina walks down the righthand aisle, and silently the past manifests around her in a bubble that reaches clear up to the rafters of the concert hall, more than a hundred feet overhead. At her side walks a stern-faced

  • Mindtaker

    Narrate: The Arc helpfully flickers to life as you come upon one of the entrances to the collapsed facility. Within its boundaries, you can step through the empty passageways before they became clogged with broken machinery and rubble.

  • Sons of Flint

    Narrate: The Arc glows silver atop the wardens head as he walks along the docks near Parity Lake. Swiftly, the tangled green vine at his shoulder becomes an arm againand then with every pace, he drops in height. Soon he

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